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Aurora, Colorado is home to over 100 parks and 6 award-winning gold courses. Yes, Aurora is steeped in green, and Aurora Garage Doors is the “greenest” garage door company around. We aim to reduce your carbon footprint and to cut your energy costs significantly. Let’s start with the garage door. In olden days, heavy wood garage door provided the security and thick insulation that homeowners need.

Nowadays, there are lightweight laminate garage doors that are made out of extremely durable synthetics to look like fine wood, but are actually stronger than metal, and so light that it takes a fraction of the energy to raise and lower them.

We predict that you’ll be the envy of your neighbors when you let Aurora Garage Doors handle all your garage door service and repairs.

Look No Further For Honest Garage Door Repairs

It starts with a phone call, of course, but a phone call that focuses on YOUR needs and schedule. Customers of Aurora Garage Doors are usually surprised to learn we can come right over and fix your problem with no delay, no horseplay and no overpay. Hey, that should be a slogan or something! We don’t really have a slogan, but we DO have a plan of action. Aurora Garage Doors vows to fix your garage door as quickly as possible, as well as possible, as cheaply as possible. Hey, another slogan!

Garage Door Repair on Your Schedule!

The fact is, there are plenty of garage door companies in Colorado. As in any industry, there are good garage door companies and bad garage door companies. But there is only one Aurora Garage Doors.

Aurora Garage Doors was the first garage door company to offer rolling codes for maximum security, and the very first to install photo-electric safety sensors for maximum safety. We’re behind our customers 100%.

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If there’s a new garage door accessory that makes life easier or more cost-effective, you can be sure that Aurora Garage Doors is at the forefront of the latest technology. You’d be surprised at how many of your neighbors in Aurora have already installed the newest “smart” garage door openers that are controlled through your smart phone via the internet.

We Are The Future Of Garage Doors

Aurora Garage Doors is always looking forward to the future, looking forward to the next cutting edge in technology, and looking forward to meeting you and your garage door. You’ll probably want to shop around, and you’ll notice that most garage door companies charge about the same for basic installation, repairs and service. So why not choose the company with the most experience and the best track record.

24 Hour Garage Door Repair AuroraYou may have seen the shiny service trucks of Aurora Garage Doors in your neighbors’ driveways because we’ve likely serviced most of the garage doors on your block. We’d like to introduce ourselves before you have a garage door dilemma, and way before you waste your hard-earned money on some fly-by-night garage door company who are more interested in your credit card number and expiration date than in your garage door and opener.

Say no to greedy repairmen, say no to mediocre service; call Aurora Garage Doors first.

Aurora Garage Doors

Aurora Garage Doors Satisfaction Guarantee

We like to believe that we're better than the other garage door repair companies; we don't just believe it, though. . . We prove it, too, by going above and beyond to serve you. Take our satisfaction guarantee, for example; how many other garage door repair companies do that? Not many. That's how Aurora Garage Doors stands out from the rest.

Aurora Garage Doors

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