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Aurora Garage Door Openers

Aurora Garage Door Openers has been in garages around Aurora, Colorado for well over two decades. We’ve worked on tall openers, small openers, red openers, blue openers, old openers, new openers, crazy openers, and every kind of garage door opener ever made. We’ve never met a garage door opener we didn’t like or couldn’t fix.

Who should you call if your garage door opener breaks down?

  • A] The 2 Guys From Sicily Bait, Tackle and Garage Door Repair Shop
  • B] Aurora Garage Door Openers, the most respected garage door company in the Northwest
  • C] Your cousin Steven, who would have a real college degree, if he added up all his community college credits.

Garage Door Opener Replacement Aurora CO

Did you get the answer? The answer to this puzzler is D] None Of The Above.

Let’s hope you didn’t choose Aurora Garage Door Openers, which most people think is the correct answer.

However, it is a trick question because if you use Aurora Garage Door Openers as you garage door company, your garage door opener would NOT break down.

After all, we were the first garage door company in the Northwest to offer force-setting adjustments and safety features before they became federal law in the 1990s. True to form, Aurora Garage Doors also became the first service company in the area to install and service the latest “smart” garage door openers.

What if my garage ceiling is too low for an opener?

Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Aurora CO

That’s impossible! Aurora Garage Door Openers will fit an automatic garage door opener to any garage, and there is a simple solution to low-clearance garage ceilings. It’s called a Jackshaft Drive, and it mounts on the wall rather than the ceiling. Jackshaft garage door openers are ideal for apartment complexes and condominiums. Whatever your garage door needs, Aurora Garage Door Openers can find the right solution at the right price. There is no substitute for experience, and no one has more experience installing and repairing automatic garage door openers that we do.

To get your old clunker of an opener running like new, or to get a brand new garage door opener with all the bells and whistles, call the guys who have installed more garage door openers in more garages, carports, and condominiums than the other garage door companies combined. Call the real pros – call Aurora Garage Door Openers!

Aurora Garage Door Openers

Aurora Garage Door Openers Satisfaction Guarantee

We like to believe that we're better than the other garage door opener companies; we don't just believe it, though. . . We prove it, too, by going above and beyond to serve you. Take our satisfaction guarantee, for example; how many other garage door opener companies do that? Not many. That's how Aurora Garage Door Openers stands out from the rest.

Aurora Garage Door Openers

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