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A broken garage door spring is a very common problem that can cause a garage door a great deal of damage - if not repaired immediately.

Garage Door Spring Repair Aurora COWe are Aurora Garage Door Springs, the premiere spring replacement company in the Northwest, and we are here to repair your garage door, and to remind you how awesome your garage door springs are. Usually problems of this nature don’t fix themselves. The springs are the garage doors main component that allow for the function of raising and lowering the door. Here at Aurora Garage Door Springs, our certified technicians are experts at both torsion and extension spring replacement. Broken springs in Aurora? Give us a call and we will be there with in the hour! Your broken springs are our number one priority.

The average life span of garage door springs is about 10,000 lifts, but it really depends on how much you use the door per day. If you feel that your family is going to be using the garage door more frequently, then you might want to think about investing in extended lifespan torsion springs. For example, the different types of torsion springs include: standard, EZ-set, Wayne Dalton Torque Master, steel rolling door, and one-piece curtain door torsion springs. These types of springs are more expensive, but they last up to four times as long, so spending the extra money will be well worth it in the long run.

Springs, Springs and More Springs!!

Garage door springs come in different sizes; they are very powerful because they support most of the garage door’s weight. If your door is operating a bit slower than usual, or if you hear a squeaky noise coming from the door when in motion, then it’s most likely a problem with the springs. Putting off an important repair like this could actually cause your door much more damage later on. The opener has to pull twice as hard to lift the heavy door; soon not only will you have broken springs, but a broken opener as well! Don’t strain your garage door opener! Call one of our highly skilled repairman to save the day.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement Aurora COA garage door in operation naturally makes noise, depending on if your have a chain or belt drive opener, and depending on how many teenagers reside in the house. The sounds coming from your garage door system should not be overpowering or ear-splitting, or sound vaguely like, “I think I can, I think I can.” If your garage door is not in good condition, it will let you know.

Eventually, the steel springs become fatigued, which leads hairline fractures and cracks. As soon as you hear a strange noise coming from your garage door, or if you feel that there is a problem with your garage door springs, please don’t hesitate to get this matter addressed as quickly as possible. Trust us, call Aurora Garage Door Springs and have one of our master technicians come out to your home and spring into action.

When speed counts and quality matters, Aurora Garage Door Springs is your best choice. The springs are the lifeblood of your garage door; help keep your door vibrant by calling Aurora Garage Door Springs today!

Aurora Garage Door Springs

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We like to believe that we're better than the other garage door spring companies; we don't just believe it, though. . . We prove it, too, by going above and beyond to serve you. Take our satisfaction guarantee, for example; how many other garage door spring companies do that? Not many. That's how Aurora Garage Door Springs stands out from the rest.

Aurora Garage Door Springs

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